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Throwback Thursday at CSE! 

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Pictured here is our very own Danny Moon (founder/owner), Rick Sale, Sammy Goff and Bobby Juragan taking down the first windmill generator that was erected in the United States! 

The NASA MOD-1 Experimental Wind Turbine once stood atop Howard’s Knob in Boone, NC., until the windmill was eventually taken down for a variety of factors in 1983. Boone’s MOD-1 windmill was one of a series of experiments into wind power that were a reaction to the two OPEC oil price shocks of the 1970s. CSE dismantled the windmill and the blades were donated to the Nature Science Center by NASA and then later sold as scrap metal after damage.

Danny remembers the details of this job just like it was yesterday from the size of the blades, down to the crane size and boom it took to remove them. This picture sits proudly in his office as a token of the great deal of history he has been apart of in past years. 

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The locals of Boone, NC were known as “Whooshes”, they worshipped the great windmill god “Nay-zuh” (the windmill had “NASA” written on it) because it “brought energy from the heavens down to the peoples of Earth.” 
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