Norfolk-Portsmouth Tunnel Welding
Baltimore, MD

CSE was responsible for fitting and welding the waterproof plate for the bottom of the tunnel which will connect the cities of Portsmouth and Norfolk in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. With 375 seams to be welded, each 60 feet in length, and each requiring multiple welding passes, CSE’s welders completed nearly 50,000 feet of welding, providing the foundational work for this tunnel project. The team needed to work incredibly accurately, ensuring that the waterproofing was fitted properly so that the tunnel could later be submerged, and to ensure that all inspection standards were met. In addition, they completed the work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the remainder of the assembly process could be completed as scheduled.

Services Deployed

  • Industrial
  • Crane
  • Rigging
  • Erecting

Project Stats

Welded Seams375
Feet Long60
Feet of Welding50,000


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