Safety First


First and foremost,
our commitment is to safety.

When proper safety controls are in place, our team can work swiftly and with ease—allowing them to complete projects safely and efficiently.

CSE, Inc., has created an Excellence in Safety Program, which holds our employees accountable through a culture-based, comprehensive plan that includes:

  • Hazard recognition-control
  • Accountability across all levels of our organization
  • Education and training
  • Solid risk management and comprehensive insurance program
  • Compliance
B&W has the privilege of working with highly skilled and dedicated CSE professionals working as a team, performing world-class work with safety as a priority in all activities. —Babcock & Wilcox

CPR-PhotoEach employee is required to complete 10 hours of OSHA classes, with 30 hours required for all field supervisors.

These programs are developed by OSHA, MSHA and Red Cross certified instructors along with an active, well-informed safety committee. Our company consistently maintains incidence rates well below industry standards across our specialties. Working together, our employees recently celebrated a significant milestone: 2 years without a lost time injury encompassing nearly 1 million man hours.

This doesn’t just make our team heavily skilled and trained in our industry; it puts CSE ahead of the curve from other companies in our field.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting For You.