CSE Teams with Farm to Table Roanoke-Greenbrier Nurseries to help with West Virginia flood relief.



On June 23, 2016, thunderstorms brought torrential rain to much of West Virginia and several counties in Virginia, one of which CSE employees reside. Although many locations are still recovering, the town of Rainelle was especially hit hard, and was described as still appearing like “a war zone”. The photos we see on the news and other media outlets do no justice to the devastation this small town is still experiencing. 

Although a month has passed and our news feeds have died down, our CSE family still has a heavy heart for the families who have endured a flood that killed at least 26 people and rendered thousands homeless. We wanted to help and we knew exactly who to turn to. 

Farm to Table Roanoke at Greenbrier Nurseries has without a doubt been heavily involved in raising thousands of dollars, volunteering hours upon hours, loading trucks to and from WV with supplies and working together with local businesses/community members and even out of state businesses to arrange donations of all kinds. Time has passed and they are still contributing. They have not forgotten and neither will we. 

Jim Monroe (owner at F2TRoanoke) knew exactly where our efforts to help would be best distributed; Rainelle Public Library. Great strides are being made to rebuild the heart of this community and we are truly honored to have the opportunity to help. According to Jim, “The library is a source of information, internet services, support, a place for kids to play and learn.”. 

We are humbled to say that the funds donated by CSE will help turn on the internet and lights of the Rainelle Public Library. Thank you to our CSE family for your monetary donations and/or supplies to help a community in need. Your love and generosity does not go unnoticed. 

Special thanks to Farm to Table Roanoke for all they have done and continue to do! If you’re ever in Roanoke, put them on your “must visit” list!

Interested in making a donation? Send us a message!

Farm to Table Roanoke at Greenbrier Nurseries
5881 Starkey Road, Roanoke, VA 24018

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